11 April 2019


After an amazing Week 1 of Lighthouse 3.0 (new version for a new vision), I am more convinced than ever that God is a Way Making God! At 7:45 a.m. I pulled up to Mildred Owen Concert Hall, backed the trailer down the long driveway and started to prepare for unloading. Before I could get the ramp of the trailer down, our teams arrived. So much of this move, the teams and processes had been planned on paper, thought through, discussed and prayed over and now it was time for hands on.

It worked, because we worked together!

I had so much fun rolling carts around with my team as we laughed at each other trying to pull the pipe and drape rods apart and figure out how to steer a cart through the only door on the campus we forgot to measure. It didn’t seem to matter that it didn’t fit – the team improvised and moved all the pipe and drape together faster than we could have put the cart through the door and back out if it had [fit.]

This Sunday is Week 2 as a mobile church and we are on Part 2 of “The Start of Something New” teaching series. Jesus coaches the disciples in Luke 14 on the four parts to starting something new:

Estimate the Cost Related to your:

  • Finances
  • Energy
  • Time
  • The Finish line

This week we are going to be coached by Jesus once again as we look at the cost of following Him. Yes, there is a cost in following Jesus.

Our Investment Related to:

  • Generosity
  • Ministry and Rest
  • Time – particularly devoted time that reveals God’s heart for us and others
  • Finishing what we start both here and for eternity

Perhaps you have some questions about some changes that are happening in your life or feel like there is more to your life than what you are experiencing right now – this Sunday is for you. Jesus is an amazing coach as He teaches the healthy way to Start Something New!

Thanks in advance to the teams who are scheduled this week and to the teams who ministered last week! 


4 July 2019

Good Morning and Happy Independence Day,

As we celebrate the birth of our national freedom, we look back at our history to remember where we began. Our national identity was called the Great Experiment, as no nation in history had ever placed as much potential in the hands of its people. Our nation was birthed out of adversity and designed to give people the opportunity to start something new. Our Eastern Shores welcomed people from all over Europe seeking a new beginning, in a new place with no guarantees – only hope that what lies ahead is more fruitful than what was left behind.  This Sunday marks a new season at Lighthouse Pacifica; Lighthouse 3.0. A new version for a new vision. We are starting something new for us. We have been planning and preparing for months to engage in what we begin this Sunday morning. Having invested untold hours moving from the Linda Mar School, the journey here has been emotionally, physically and financially challenging. We were not surprised by the challenge as every great inspiration requires hard work before it becomes a reality. Jesus takes about this in Luke 14 when He describes the cost of discipleship. The metaphor Jesus used was a builder who must count the cost before building, so that he knows he can finish what he started. Jesus goes on to make one of the most challenging statements of the New Testament in v33, “In the same way, those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.” This message is simple and profound. When you start something new; count the cost, then go for it and don’t look back.  Jesus makes these statements regarding following Himself: 
  • count the cost…Jesus did not promise an easy ride, just a ride with Him that is eternal. 
  • leave everything behind…like the first to journey to America left everything behind to start a new life – so we are called to leave everything behind to pursue the new life Jesus promises. 
  • finish what you start…There is only one beginning that has no end – eternal life in Christ. Everything else in life begins and ends. When we hold on too tight to what God is calling to an end, we miss the joy of start of something new.
As we begin the new version for our new vision – we have counted the cost, left everything behind, to finish what God has given us to do now – Lead People Toward Jesus!
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30 June 2019
This is our final Sunday at Linda Mar Education Center. We have been at LMEC for 15 years and have experienced great seasons of fruitfulness and some challenging seasons of hardship. 

There are some families that have been absolute anchors through each and every season at Lighthouse Pacifica, and I am so grateful for your investment. Over 100 people have come to Christ locally, been baptized and discipled over the last fifteen years, because of your commitment to pray, serve, give and go. You have encouraged, believed in and released four women into Licensing and Ordination within Foursquare – two of whom are now senior pastoring in other churches alongside their families. 

Your steadfast commitment to advance the Kingdom of God has made it possible for eight churches to be built in central Kenya, one church and eight homes completed in Mexico, hundreds to be fed for months at a time in both Mexico and Kenya and most recently, the purchase of land to facilitate building an Elementary School in one of the poorest regions of sub-Saharan Africa. These will all be crowns we lay down at the feet of Jesus when we see Him face to face, because all of this has been for His glory and not our own!

It is true that we will not have our own full-time facility to call home, but for the church, home is so much more than a building. We are so excited to partner with Pacifica Performances and Sanchez Art Center on Sunday mornings beginning July 7th. Dozens of people have agreed to step in and volunteer for ministry since our partnership was announced. Yes, we will be a mobile church, but in order to go as Jesus has called us, being mobile is a good thing. 

Change in our culture is an inevitability, and we are wholeheartedly embracing this transition. We are engaging faith, community and new levels of planning and resourcing to ensure our vision to lead the coastlands toward Jesus is accomplished.

I pray you will come and be part of Lighthouse 3.0 as we celebrate this new season of fruitful ministry! There is a place for you. 


Pastor Dennis
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16 May 2019

God with us is something we talk a lot about during the Christmas Season as one of Jesus’ prophetic names is Emmanuel, which means God With Us. There are nearly 20 incidents throughout the Old and New Testament of God declaring through the Holy Spirit via a prophet, an angel and Jesus that God is with those who have called upon Him and that He will not leave. Several times the mere promise of His presence was coupled with courage that led to miraculous outcomes on earth. This week we are going to pour courage out from the Word of God, as we look into the very present promise that God is with and for you! In preparation for this Sunday, I have one question: What would you do if you knew God was with you and for you? The God of all creation, with and for you… Deut. 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” I am so looking forward to worshipping with you this Sunday!

10 May 2019
Check out our new spaces at the Sanchez Art Center!
Virtual Tour of the New Space: Mildred Owens Concert Hall
Kids Rooms: Kid Space
1 May 2019


As we continue to prepare to move the church the first week of July, I have to constantly remind myself that God has called us to more than a building.  There is a certain amount of comfort found in having a present physical identity, but Jesus didn’t call us to be identified by a place, building or even philosophy. Jesus has called us to Himself, to be identified by Him through the infilling of the Holy Spirit and a mission to continue His ministry on earth. Jesus has called us to do what He did; go reach the yet unreached, go where people who need restoration are, and equip saints to be released to Go Do more of what Jesus did – Reach, Restore and Release people.

Jesus never asked a single person what they were good at, passionate about, talented at, skilled in, or comfortable with. He simply said, “Follow me and I will make you…”. To a fisherman, Jesus said I will make you a “fisher of men”, but to the rest of us who are not fishermen Jesus might say, “I will make you an encourager, equipper, leader, teacher, intercessor, server, visitor, manager, builder, etc…to reach people doing what you do.” Jesus called Peter to Go out, but called James to Go in – out to the world, in to the church. Both called to Go – but the going was different. Peter traveled the known world, teaching and preaching the gospel, while James stayed in Jerusalem to disciple more leaders – preparing more people to Go as Jesus called them. Both are mission critical for the “Church” to grow and develop as those called to continue building what God has designed, modeled and made possible through the life of Jesus and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

This week we start a new series that will take us through the month of June. The series is called, “Why Church?” That may sound like an simplistic question, but it’s not when you discover what the Bible says the church actually is. The Church is not a building, it’s a gathering; a gathering of people who are individually called, “The Church.”

This week we are discussing the main directive of, “The Church” – Continue Jesus’ Ministry on Earth via the Leading of the Holy Spirit. Over the coming weeks we will be discovering how critical you are in facilitating Jesus Vision for the Church to Reach, Restore and Release people on the Northern California Coast.  
~ Pastor Dennis